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Kristen Stewart Fans

as long as you care as much as I care, you can't be ashamed of anything

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001. We are a fan community dedicated to Kristen Stewart and we appreciate all your opinions and your participation. That's what makes this place fun. You don't have to like everything Kristen does, just be sure not to belittle another member for not sharing your opinion.

002. If you're posting news, please remember to add the original source to your entry.

003. You can post anything you want as long as it's Kristen related.

004. If you want to post an entry about a movie script, private pictures, music/movie downloads from any of the projects Kristen has worked on... you can. Just make sure that these entries are locked.

005. We don't mind candids but we don't want to motivate the paparazzi to chase KStew around more by hotlinking their pictures. Please refrain from posting one picture and linking back to their site.
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006.Weekly Graphics Posts. We have 2 weekly fanart posts (Tuesday and Saturday). All graphics/icons/banners/wallpapers should be directed there. When posting make sure to use 3 teaser icons that are Kristen centric, you must have at least 10 icons that feature Kristen in some way. If you have less than 10 icons that's fine, but you must have three other banners/wallpapers/graphics included in your post.
[more information]

007. Please remember to tag your entries with our existing tags and to put large pictures or spoilers behind a cut.

008. If you are posting less than 15 pictures, you must include all of them in your post. Please avoid having posts that include only a few thumbnails and a link to a fan gallery. Inconveniently, fan sites can go down for periods of time--making it difficult for members to browse through photos. Implementing this rule makes it more convenient for all of our members.

009. If you're looking for random information from other members about Kristen or anything else, please direct all of your questions to our weekly request post. Single posts containing random questions/requests will be deleted without warning. If you have any questions about the community or if you're unsure about something you want to post, please feel free to ask a mod here.

010. Moderated membership. If your journal is new (less than six month old) and/or if your comment count is less than 100 comments posted your application will be rejected. Your comment count can be found on your profile page. Please do not friend or pm our mods just to request membership. All inquiries should go here.

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official graphics post.
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official icon challenge.
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