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Updated rules - please read

001. We are a fan community dedicated to Kristen Stewart and we appreciate all your opinions and your participation. That's what makes this place fun. You don't have to like everything Kristen does, just be sure not to belittle another member for not sharing your opinion. .

002. Please remember to add the original source to your entry, if you're posting news.

003. You can post everything you want as long as it's Kristen related.

004. If you want to post an entry about a movie script, private pictures, music/movie downloads from any of the projects Kristen has worked on.. you can. Just make sure that these entries are locked.

005. We don't mind candids but we don't want to motivate the paparazzi to chase KStew around more by hotlinking their pictures. Please refrain from posting one picture and linking back to their site. [more information]

006. Graphic entries are fine. Just make sure to use 3 teaser icons that are Kristen centric, you must have at least 10 icons that feature Kristen in some way. Also, please remember to tag your post. If you have less than 10 icons that's fine, but you must have three other banners/wallpapers/graphics included in your post. We will be keeping an eye on the fan art posts and if this doesn't work out for everyone, we will talk about switching to a daily or a weekly graphic post. [more information]

007. Please remember to tag your entries with our existing tags and to put large pictures or spoilers behind a cut.

WHY RULE #005?

If you recall last week we had a poll regarding links to pap sites.

This didn't happen here but we all noticed it happening at a few other communites. We love looking at candids and we sometimes feel bad for it. To ease our bad conscience a bit, please don't post entries like this:

Of course you don't need to upload 60 pictures but a few are nice. You also don't have to have them uploaded by the minute you post them. "More coming" or "going to add more" always works nicely.

We don't want to motivate the paparrazi by hotlinking their pictures nor by linking back to a site to view more pictures.

It's nice to see other communities following suit, maybe if we all stick together on this we can help reduce the 24/7 around the clock attention they're giving KStew.

P.S.: We've added a bunch of new tags to make looking for a certain pictures, especially for HQ pics, easier.

If you have concerns about this feel free to let us know in the comments.

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