kstewandrpatz (kstewandrpatz) wrote in kstewartfans,

2014 Kristen Stewart Calendar!

Hey guys,

I would like to share the Kristen calendar I made with you guys. It was meant as a Christmas gift for the users of my blog, "Ms. Swan's Bookstore", but I thought that some of you might like to have it as well. It comes in a pdf format and all you have to do is print the pages. I'd recommend printing all months on photo paper as that would give you the best results but it isn't really necessary.

I hope you enjoy the calendar as much as MSB's users, my team, and I do!
And keep supporting Kristen! :D

KStewandRPatz a.k.a. Mandy

P.S.: A big THANK YOU to Linda for helping me find my way through Livejournal! :D

2014 Kristen Stewart Calendar
Tags: fan art: calendar
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