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Margaret Cho mentions Kristen in a recent interview

BL: Who do you think is hot right now? Guy or girl?
MC: Kristen Stewart is so hot.

BL: What is it about her? People love her.
MC: Oh my God, because she’s angry about it. She’s like, ‘Look, it’s not my fault I’m hot. I don’t like it any more than you do.’ I was hanging out with her and Joan Jett at Joan Jett Day in LA and they’re like mother/daughter, even though they’re not actually related. They look so similar and their personalities are that sort of tomboy, really sweet, really cool. But both of them are my big crush and I just love Joan Jett. I love her music, I love her look, her attitude. She gave me a nice bracelet. I was really moved. So she’s my crush. Also, of course, the entire band of Wilco, everybody in it I’m in love with, and The Family. I love that band and I love everybody in it. So, yeah, those are my crushes.

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