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New picture of Kristen in TV guide & new interview (Japan)

From the Interview:
"I've never experienced working on the same movie for such a long time
other than the twilight saga. Maybe that's why all the characters stay
in my heart.Thinking about them, is like looking back at your good old
high school days. Rob hasn't changed since the first time I met him. He
always explores his limits, and he makes me feel loved and cherished.
He's a big part of my life now.

An actor/actress is such a strange profession. You always question
yourself whether you are suitable to play the role or not. It's like
always trying to solve a problem that has no answer. Now that I've
"graduated" the saga, I'd like to relax and spend some time for myself,
like writing a novel or traveling somewhere privately." -Kristen Stewart
(From Japanese magazine "TV Guide")
source: @kstewfansjp <3 | Translation: @RobbedNStewed here
More gorgeous photos from Japan: 1|2|3|4
Tags: magazine: scans, movie: breaking dawn, photos: photoshoot
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