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New picture + interview with BILD (Germany)

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I tried to translate as best as I could

Who sees them kissing on-screen sees: It's love. Who stands between them feels: There is a yo-yo love.

Their comments: No comment!

Only their hearts know the truth!

KRISTEN STEWART - she was 17, shy, stubborn, silent as the "Twilight" madness began.
ROBERT PATTINSON - then 22, a London model who lived in three bags. The buddy typ, book worm, techie.

I met both five times - in five years.

And I've always asked about love!
The answers? Smiles, silence, shrugs. Later a yes.

First it was game, then PR, then hidden love, then separate love (an affair with director Rupert Sanders). And now?

The German premiere of the last part of the Twilight saga, "Breaking Dawn (release date: Thursday).

BILD: Are you happy that it's over?
Kristen (22): "I'm happy that the love story is told. I feel liberated and I am free, but I do miss it at the same time. "

BILD: What do you regret?
Robert (26): "There is a price, which you have to pay. You are 24 hours in the job, if you go out in public. "
Kristen: "You're trying to protect your life, but at the same time you also rob your life."

BILD: How do you escape from your fame?
Robert: "Fame is like a prison. But I have family and old friends, who are my real world. "
Kristen: "I have to build steel barriers around me. You get a very different view of life and people. You will be thrown out of your comfort zone, you're apprehensive. But this fear is also a welcome feeling when you grow up, want to explore the world! "

BILD: Your dreams and goals in life?
Robert: "I want to make a lot of films and get better."
Kristen: "I don't know what will happen in a year. I never know what to do before the decision is in front of me! "

He smiles. She yawns. When they look at each other, it clicks in their eyes.

In Berlin, Kristen and Robert went bowling in the evening.

The ball of love rolled.

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