April 21st, 2010

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Flaunt Mag Preview: Kristen admits "I'm Insecure — Just Like You"

Kristen Stewart really is shy and insecure, even though she’s got an incredible acting career, including starring in the summer’s most anticipated release, Eclipse! Read on to find out what she told Flaunt about just how much self-doubt consumes her!

Under those slumped shoulders and often cold-glare eyes, Kristen Stewart is just as insecure as the rest of us — so she proves in an incredibly revealing new interview in Flaunt magazine.

The Twilight star tells Flaunt’s Gregg Lagambina that she was wracked with nerves before her latest film, The Runaways, debuted at Sundance. “I thought everyone would write shit reviews. I thought everyone was waiting, itching to say that I should just go back to Twilight. And no one said that. I put so much into it. I would have died working on that movie. So if they did say those bad things, then I might as well just stop now.”

Kristen also explains why — at least in her mind — she might come off as aloof and standoffish to others. “I get defensive and that has probably perpetuated people’s idea of me never smiling. I kind of shake my leg too, so people think I’m always uncomfortable.”

As for how she makes her film choices, K suggests it’s all just instinct: “Who knows what you’re going to connect with and then be able to live up to? I can’t just read a script and say it’s great because there’s a part for me, my age, perfect—I can’t live that life. You know what I mean? That’s just not me.”

And she takes us deep into how fame has changed her: “Yeah, I definitely act differently. I’m definitely overcoming a lot of it. The only insecurity I’ve developed is just being overly paranoid about everyone looking at you when they’re not.”

For more of this remarkable one-on-one with K-Stew (did she talk about R-Patz?), and to see all the fantastic photos in this gorgeous shoot, check out the new issue of Flaunt magazine, out next week.


Most Beautiful 2010Beautiful at Every Age!!


When you think Valley girl the Twilight star, who plays tortured loner Bella Swan, doesn't exactly come to mind. And you won't catch this California native slaving over the latest fashion and beauty trends. "I think it's ridiculous that you need to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty," she declares.


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Kristen Stewart victim of hoax

Kristen Stewart victim of hoax


“Actress Kristen Stewart has been reported to be in serious condition and taken to Golden State Regional Hospital after a minor traffic accident that escalated into a physical altercation in Fullerton CA, a suburb 30 minutes south east of Los Angeles,” reads a “report” from “Global Associated News.”

According to the sick story, “Witness reports indicate that Kristen Stewart’s BMW struck a pickup truck towing landscaping equipment. Three men exited the truck and extracted her from the vehicle then began kicking and punching the actress before fleeing the scene.”

It goes on and on, but that’s way more than enough for us.

This “report” is a vile, disgusting FAKE.

And it’s from the equally vile and disgusting site called FakeAWish.com. (FakeAWish.com and “Global Associated News” are one and the same.)

Granted, FakeAWish.com notes on its site that it fabricates stories “for the purpose of entertainment,” but Gossip Cop is having an impossibly hard time finding the entertainment value in scaring friends, family members, and fans of people like Stewart.

In the past, the repugnant site “reported” the deaths of George Clooney, Jeff Goldblum and Natalie Portman, among others.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Gossip Cop is at a total loss as to why anyone would concoct phony fatalities, and sincerely hopes the only thing that dies out is that horrible website.