March 7th, 2010

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Rob talking bout Kristen in a new interview!

You and Kristen became really famous at the same time. Did you help each other understand the phenomenon?
It’s great to share intense experiences with someone who’s also trying to understand what’s happening around her. It’s not easy to become a poster stuck on a teenager’s wall; there’s no school to prepare you for that. Kristen is a great actress; I learned a lot from her. But basically I think that we’re alike in that both of us want to be actors, just that—we never tried to be posters.

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What are Kristen and Taylor presenting?

Oscar spoilers: Taylor Lautner and Barbra Streisand

No, they are not appearing together on tonight’s much anticipated Oscar show but we do have some details about what the two are doing for the 82nd annual Academy Awards. We’re told that Taylor and his beloved Bella, Kristen Stewart, will be introducing a clip of the year’s horror/genre films, which fits into Oscar producers Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic’s vow to celebrate the year in movies — including those that fans love but Oscar never rewards. I’m confident they’ll be finding a way to get Twilight into that horror/genre mix, if only to give those rabid New Moon fans something else to scream at.

Now about Barbra. The rumors are rampant that the two-time Oscar winner will be presenting tonight’s Best Director award. No one will confirm this — and perhaps tonight we’ll be proved wrong — but she is definitely presenting along with Robert Downey Jr., John Travolta, and many others. The pairing of Steisand with the director’s trophy would make sense if tonight’s best-directing award goes to Kathryn Bigelow. Streisand was one of the ground-breaking female directors, helming Yentl way back in 1983, and is a force of nature herself. It won’t be quite as inspiring should James Cameron walk away with the award, but the two both have a love for the environment so there’s got to be some mutual admiration between the duo.