January 26th, 2010

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Kristen Stewart, Sundance "It" Girl

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The Twilight star is determined to shed her mainstream status. She talks to Nicole LaPorte about her two new movies, why she hated promoting New Moon, and being “twitchy.”

In the midst of an interview about her new film Welcome to the Rileys, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival this past weekend, Kristen Stewart’s cellphone, buried under a pile of puffy, winter garb, begins going off.

Stewart, who is dressed in all-black (sweatshirt, leggings, boots), is sitting on an immense leather sofa between director Jake Scott (son of Ridley) and co-star Melissa Leo (Frozen River), burrowing deeper in the confined space she always seems to create around her. Her head—hair dyed black in a jagged cut—is down, like a shy child. Her leg is tapping nervously.

“There are a lot of people who are like, ‘Wow, you have just turned a new leaf… You can really express yourself very, very eloquently when you care to, and, Oh! You smile sometimes!’” Kristen Stewart says.

Suddenly, she bolts upward and leaps in the direction of the buzzing contraption.

“Oh, shut up! I’m busy—Shut the fuck up!” she cries to no one in particular.

After silencing the phone, she returns to the sofa. “Sorry, Jake,” she says softly, and returns to what seems like her most comfortable stance: self-protected coil.

It is this nervous, very wired, “twitchy”—as she puts it—energy that has come to define Stewart. She is best known as the female lead in Twilight, the blockbuster vampire franchise, which has made her an unlikely star of both movies and tabloids. But with the Sundance debuts of two new films—Rileys and The Runaways, in which Stewart plays iconic rocker Joan Jett—Stewart is becoming known as something else: Indie “It” Girl.
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EXCLUSIVE! Kristen Stewart’s Sundance Film Festival Diary!

The parties, the brunches and the premieres — get an inside peek at the Twilight star’s activity-packed trip to Park City

With two movies premiering at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival — The Runaways and Welcome to the RileysKristen Stewart, 19, was the ‘bella’ of the ball and spent opening weekend in Park City, Utah going Energizer Bunny style by attending junkets, gift suites, premieres and parties — your pals at HollywoodLife.com were on hand to witness it all!

Friday, Jan. 22

Kristen arrives in Park City via private plane. We speculate whether or not her BF and fellow Twilight star Robert Pattinson will be making an appearance. We hope so. He’s pretty.

Saturday, Jan. 23

12:15 p.m. Kristen, dressed in her standby olive pea coat, ripped jeans, high tops and a hoodie, swings by the Lia Sophia gift lounge at the Lot on Main Street with Runaways and Twilight co-star, 16-year-old Dakota Fanning. Sources say the girls arrive with their ‘handlers’ and interact with virtually no one as they quickly sign a Muscle Milk fridge for charity, take portraits at the Wire Image booth and grab Diesel ‘Be Stupid’ gift bags. (Kristen’s supposedly a big fan.)

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VIDEO: Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning Talk about The Runaways

Twilight star Kristen Stewart plays punk rocker Joan Jett in the upcoming biographical film The Runaways, about the band of the same name. Although Stewart and her co-star, Dakota Fanning, are young enough to be Jett’s children, the two were already hip to Jett and The Runaways before they were asked to star in the film. Here, Stewart and Fanning talk with V.F.’s Krista Smith about the importance of music in their lives, what it’s like to portray rock stars, and meeting the the seminal 70s teen-girl punk outfit.


Kristen Stewart’s Haiti Donation

While George Clooney, Robert Pattinson, and practically every other celeb in the world helped raise more than $57 Million for Haiti relief, one star was upset she couldn't partake in the telethon last Friday: Kristen Stewart.

The Twilight babe was traveling Friday to Park City for the Sundance Film Festival, 'cause K.Stew had two films (Welcome to the Rileys and The Runaways) premiering.

But don't think that stopped her from helping out…

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Kristen Stewart most attractive woman of 2009

It's an event that's 12 months in the making - the culmination of hellomagazine.com's most attractive and most elegant polls draws interest from around the world and gets readers clicking in their thousands.

And excitement this year was equally as high. In total the three categories – most attractive man, woman and most elegant woman - attracted nearly three quarters of a million votes.

The battle for the most attractive man title turned into a two horse race, with Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson and House star Hugh Laurie neck and neck right until the end. At the close of the poll over 500,000 votes had been cast in this category alone and last year's winner Rob was eventually beaten into second place by fellow Brit Hugh. The final outcome showed just how close the result was with only 4,770 votes seperating the two.
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Her Twilight co-star just missed out in his category, but Kristen Stewart took gold by a landslide in the most attractive woman section. The pretty brunette's fans helped her accumulate just under 35 per cent of the poll.

The top four was very much a musical affair, with last year's winner Britney in at second followed by Avril Lavigne and Madonna taking third and fourth.

Ever popular Sarah Michelle Geller, who welcomed her first baby in 2009, completed the top five, closely followed by Christina Aguilera.

Surprise surprise. :)
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Moviehole WTTR Review

We all handle past tragedy in a number of ways. For the Rileys, not communicating is one such answer and a theme of Jake Scott’s beautifully executed "Welcome to the Rileys".
Years after their teenage daughter’s death, Lois and Doug Riley [James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo], an upstanding Indiana couple, are frozen by the continuation of their grief. She isolates herself in their suburban home, refusing to leave and symbolically, as it were, escape from her own inherent darkness.

Meanwhile Doug, a successful businessman, is cheating on Lois with a local waitress to ease his own pain. On a business trip to New Orleans, Doug imposes himself into the life of an underage hooker and stripper [Kristen Stewart] becoming her platonic guardian for reasons he doesn’t quite understand. Lois however summons all of her remaining force to overcome her agoraphobia and drive to New Orleans to reconnect with the husband she seems to be losing.

"Welcome to the Rileys" is a rather exquisite, poignant tale that explores loss in various incarnations and rediscovering what it is that makes us human. Director Jake Scott has crafted a work that is a deft character study, beautifully directed with grace and finesse. This is an often tragic tale told with a lack of sentiment, yet without avoiding its emotional centre. In so doing, he has elicited a trio of fine performances.
Gandolfini is perfectly cast as the conservative father who takes this teenage runaway under his wing, despite an attempt at a Southern accent that seems irrelevant. Melissa Leo is exquisite as the agoraphobic wife who must reconcile a past before facing a future.

But the film belongs to Kristen Stewart, raw, uncompromising, magnificent at every turn, delivering a ferocious and emotionally-charged performance."Welcome to the Rileys" is a tough, challenging work, one that takes its time in exploring the fragility of human behaviour. It is a haunting, beautiful work with a masterful performance by Stewart at its heart.