November 24th, 2009

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the book everyone has been asking about

@heypopsugar Kristen Stewart's airplane reading: Madame de Pompadour

Product Description
When Madame de Pompadour became the mistress of Louis XV, no one expected her to retain his affections for long. A member of the bourgeoisie rather than an aristocrat, she was physically too cold for the carnal Bourbon king, and had so many enemies that she could not travel publicly without risking a pelting of mud and stones. History has loved her little better.Nancy Mitford's delightfully candid biography re-creates the spirit of eighteenth-century Versailles with its love of pleasure and treachery. We learn that the Queen was a "bore," the Dauphin a "prig," and see France increasingly overcome with class conflict. With a fiction writer's felicity, Mitford restores the royal mistress and celebrates her as a survivor, unsurpassed in "the art of living," who reigned as the most powerful woman in France for nearly twenty years.

You can buy the book here.
time to be your only one

Official Graphics Compilation Post #26

Please use this post to promote all of your icons, banners, wallpapers, drawings, headers, layouts, manips, mood themes, fan-made movie posters, etc.

The next graphics compilation will be posted on the weekend. Graphic makers, you're more than welcome to post your creations for the week in both posts.

*Please note: items admissible outside of this post are gifs, fan videos, picspams, and fanmixes. However, for example, GIFS + ICONS in one post are not acceptable.
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moar WTTR info. kind of.

Okay, so it seems like we are about to start to hear a lot more stuff about WTTR.
The producer posted this an hour ago:

So...I got a very interesting email this morning.

This person I will call "The Captain of Team Riley" ; )

captain suggested that I reward the board for reaching goals. Captain is trying to increase the movie meter (which is really awesome!!)

The Captain will set a goal number for the movie to reach, when it reaches that number, A new pic or video clip will be released.

I really liked this idea. I liked it for a couple reasons. As the email said, it gives a reward for the efforts of the fans. It also puts the control in your hands.

I also get really busy and go a few days, weeks, months without updates.

I decided to make this person and another person in charge of this. (I have already spoken to both of them on the phone, they are already massive contributors to the boards)I will be in direct phone contact and email contact with the leaders. They will then post the pictures and clips on the boards on a regular basis if I am falling behind for some reason.

now...what should the first goal be?????

If you go to the source, it says there will contests to win stuff from the movie (signed scripts, tickets for the premiere, things used on set, all that fun stuff we love) very soon.
Want pictures posted? Let's all hit the IMDb of Welcome to the Rileys!
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Jodie Foster recommended Kristen for TYH

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Forget the supernatural: In Kristen Stewart's next project, the New Moon star is taking a deeply human turn, playing a troubled teenager in the indie flick The Yellow Handkerchief, due in theaters in February.

Costarring William Hurt, Mario Bello and Eddie Redmayne, the movie explores the relationships between three strangers who embark on a road trip through post-Katrina Louisiana. Stewart plays Martine, a teen who hopes to escape her family, while Hurt plays Brett Hanson, a man who has to choose between his ex-wife (played by Bello) or what's next.

"The part of Kristen in Twilight is completely different from the one she plays in The Yellow Handkerchief, which is particularly interesting for Kristen's fans all over the world," says the film's Oscar winning producer Arthur Cohn. "In my personal opinion, from a pure acting point of view, The Yellow Handkerchief was a more difficult part to play."

Cohn says that Stewart got the part thanks to the recommendation of one famous former costar.

"It was Jodie Foster, whom I respect and admire, who wholeheartedly recommended Kristen," he says of her Panic Room costar, "and has always considered her a truly excellent young actress."

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More Face Time For Kellan in "Eclipse"

You gotta hand it to Kellan Lutz - he gets it when it comes to the Twilight saga. In a recentinterview, Lutz was asked to describe hisTwilight character in three words, and the three he came up with were "lovable teddy bear" (incidentally, the same he ascribed to his own personal character).

When it comes to his role, Emmett Cullen, nothing could be truer than those three words.

So, to hear Lutz talk about how that characteristic transpires into The Twilight Saga: Eclipse might be a bit encouraging to those who fear an Eclipse that walks too far onto the dark edge.

I actually have great scenes with Kristen [Stewart], and it’s really fun making her laugh, because that’s what my character does. I make her laugh when I’m not supposed to, and we end up having to reshoot the scene.

If the scene mirrors any of the following catch-phrases issued by Emmett in Stephenie Meyer'sEclipse, fans are in for a fun little trip with Emmett Cullen into the next film.

  • I’m really glad Edward didn’t kill you. Everything’s so much more fun with you around.
  • Fall down again, Bella?
  • I’ll try not to break anything.

Hopefully, Lutz will also get his shot at bringing the big teddy bear to life in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, as the character not only has an [spoiler] epic arm wrestling match with the newborn Bella, but he gets to issue zingers like these:

  • Nice to have toddlers guarding the fort.
  • You’re monopolizing the bride. Let me dance with my little sister. This could be my last chance to make her blush.
  • Aw, what a waste. And here you’re probably the one person who could take him – since he can’t get in your head to cheat – and you had a perfect excuse, too. I’ve been dying to see how he’d do without that advantage.
  • Bout time somebody scored around here.
  • Hard to feel confident when you’re surrounded by horse-sized wolves.
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Kristen Stewarts reviews for New Moon

Someone cool decided to post a few of Kristen's reviews which praise her for her performance in New Moon. Read em and weep! :D

1)Made primarily for the fans, New Moon is not better than Twilight, though dealing with elements of vampires and werewolves mythologies makes the romantic tale slightly more interesting if also more convoluted, but main attraction remains Kristen Stewart. -Emanuel Levy (rotten tomatoes)

2)The screenplay feels padded and the different strands of the storyline do not mesh together seamlessly. Performances however, live up to expectations with Stewart and Pattinson exuding the magic that reminds us why we care so much about their relationship - Louise Keller, Urban Cinefile(RT)

3)Kristen Stewart brings such raw vulnerability to the screen that she makes moping attractive. -Top Critic, Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribute (RT)

4)"The performances are uniformly strong, especially by Stewart, who is turning into a fine young actress." - Washington Post 11/19/09

5)"Carried by Kristen Stewart's compellingly dark performance. Stewart is the heart and soul of the film, and not only because her Bella is surrounded by characters who literally have neither one nor the other. She gives both weight and depth to dialogue ("You're just warm. You're like your own sun") that would sound like typical chick-lit blather in the mouth of a less engaging actress, and she makes Bella's psychological wounds seem like the real deal." - Variety 11/18/09

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CWeitz about KStew

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Do you think Kristen evolved as an actor in this movie?
I’m not sure she evolved as much as she had room to run. She’s a thoroughbred as far as actors go. To me, she can do know wrong. The experience of working with her and the caliber of work she was doing was pretty extraordinary. Let’s put aside girl in love with a vampire, her ability to manifest these emotions below the surface, above the surface just to get things right. She’s extraordinarily exacting of herself and in those moments where I was able to give her the room to do that are things I’m very proud of. That’s a high point.

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