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'On The Road' filming schedule - Montreal 1st then New Orleans then Mexico NEW details

According to the Montreal Gazette 'On The Road' starts filming in Montreal on August 2nd before it heads to New Orleans "for another month of filming and then Mexico for a few weeks and then back to Montreal to wrap"

On the Road to Montreal
Jack Kerouac's classic continues its long trip to the screen with a local shoot in August.

An already exciting, starstudded year for Hollywood filming in Montreal has just become more exciting and starstudded with the news that the long-gestating movie adaptation of Jack Kerouac's classic novel On the Road will shoot here. Producers of the film have opened an office at Mel's Cite du Cinema studio, and filming is set to begin here Aug. 2.

Twilight fans will undoubtedly be pumped to learn that none other than Twilight starlet Kristen Stewart has one of the lead roles, playing Marylou, the young wife of rebellious, troubled anti-hero Dean Moriarty.

Stewart will shoot On the Road in between Twilight gigs. The third film in the popular vampire series, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, hits screens June 30, and Stewart -who shot to fame by playing sultry teen Bella Swan in the series -is already busy doing promotion. She will begin shooting the fourth Twilight flick, Breaking Dawn, in October, just after On the Road wraps.

The Kerouac adaptation will film here for most of the month of August, before heading south to New Orleans for a month of shooting. Then it shifts even farther south, with the production moving to Mexico for several weeks before returning to Montreal to wrap the final scenes.


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