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Early Numbers: The Runaways comes in at #17; made $300,000 so far

The last time I checked the Friday list didn't include  The Runaways. 

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It opened on 244 screens in 10 cities.

I don't know, if we'll get numbers for Friday because only has the numbers until #42

From Gossip Cop:
The Runaways bows in more limited release, with projections to come.

edit: The Runaways bows in more limited release. Projections from Friday for the rock biopic are at about $300,000 in 244 theaters for a robust $1,230-per-screen average.
That average finishes behind only the weekend’s top three films and The Ghost Writer.
But again — these are just estimates for now. Stay tuned…

From eonline:
If The Runaways grosses just $1 million, then—voila!—it'll enjoy a bigger screen-for-screen debut than Remember Me, which got tepid buzz for its $8.1 million wide-release opening. And if The Runaways makes $2 million? It's a hit!

The Ghost Writer is playing in 819 theatres.

P.S.: Feel free to leave your thoughts on the movie here:
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