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compilation post - sundance day 2 - part 2



@marcmalkin: http://twitpic.com/znj4f - The Runaways poster @ premiere party
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HQ tagged Portraits from kris-stewart.org



@janellvh1: Um...no! A photog just grabbed me by the back of my neck on the red carpet trying to get a shot of Kristen Stewart. UNACCEPTABLE! I'm done.
@larry411 1270 seats all taken. alth the entire front section of the floor is reserved
@HitFixGregory Made it inside for Runaways. Talent not in auditorium yet, but lots of non-trad fest attendees are here. Unlike Rileys, I predict screams.
@larry411 glad i was able to get to first showings of both kristen films, & fans got to meet her at wttr, that won't happen here for the runaways.
@harmonyrepublic Joan Jett, Kristen Stewart, Dakota Fanning and Tatum O'Neal in the house for the World Premiere of Runaways at Sundance
RT @akstanwyck: Jett curie stewart fanning on stage for runaways.
@KStew411 From The Runaways roundtable eariler today (audio): http://bit.ly/4DM4nF From @AJMeadows via @AdoreKstew
@bradblanks: Kristen Stewart on the red carpet tonight for the Runaways #sundance #nowplaying http://bit.ly/8TsuUE
@kstewartnews Mtv interviews on youtube! http://bit.ly/4FojN2 big thanks to @InspiredbyKstew
@firstshowing TR felt really rushed. Bad writing/amateur directing. Concert scenes awesome but that's about it. Pretty mediocre to poor
@HitFixGregory: KStew is pretty great in Runaways. But a lot of the story seems missing
@moviegeeks: Saw WELCOME TO THE RILEYS and really dug it. I also really dug Kristen Stewart....as a stripper.
@womensweardaily Kristen Stewart goes for the double whammy at Sundance: 1st Joan Jett, then a teenage prostitute in "Rileys."
@womensweardaily Both performances by Kristen Stewart were impressive.
@rejects: WELCOME TO THE RILEYS was odd and uneven. Kristen Stewart was very good. As was Melissa Leo.
@BridgeCityFilms Runaways was a cool film, Kristen Stewart was born to play Joan Jett. My fav scene involves a guitar and body fluids!
@wu_is_me THE RUNAWAYS rocked. Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning give great performances.
@Brotodeau WELCOME TO THE RILEYS is good. Unconventional, interesting, & well-acted. Kristen Stewart is especially fantastic.
@Laremy I enjoyed Welcome To The Rileys and I think Kristen showed off real range. Nice to see young actors trying out different scripts.
@ellenkand Wttr amazing. Kristen is fabulous. Amazing chemistry with James and Melissa.
@emuelz Just left The Runaways Premier at Sundance. I am obsessed with every part of it. Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart rock.

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