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Compilation post - Sundance Day 02


source: socialitelife.celebuzz.com

@StyleSectionLA General consensus on The Runaways: "Kristen Stewart was really good." #sundance
@MarcMalkin Guess what I saw? THE RUNAWAYS. I loved it. Kristen fantastic and dakota fanning is out of this friggin' world. Michael Shannon hillarious.
@AjMeadows: runaways round table with kristen Stewart and Dakota fanning in just a few mins with @kirk13
@iamBenLyons: Kristen talked about her BAFTA nomination in our intvw. Tune in to @thedaily10 for her answer.
@taryder: Details coming on why Kristen wasn't in crowd at last nights joan jett concert
@theawfultruth: so much for being bored! hear kstew exhausted not doing much press at runaways premiere today
@AjMeadows httpyfrogcom1yot1zj on our way to the runaways round table in our secret cab kinda nervous
@gadgetguy About to interview Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning for The Runaways. #preparesfortwihardstampede
@womensweardaily Waiting with bated breath for "The Runaways" interviews to begin with Joan Jett, Cherie Currie, Kristen&Dakota
@RenegadesFilm and Kristen Stewart makes a mean stew. Love Bozo
@RobstenGossip The hype for The Runaways here at #sundance is amazing, its the one movie everyone is talking about.
@kateyrich: Kristen&Dakota just walked right by me w/ giant entourage. Neither were wearing appropriate shoes for snow.
@colliderfrosty: Kristen left her sunglasses in my interview room. Gave them back to her. She was so happy&surprised.
@gadgetguy Kristen Stewart says Joan Jett kept telling her "Pussy to the wood!" when playing guitar in The Runaways. Noice!
@colliderfrosty: Breaking Dawn update. Kristen Stewart says they still don't know if it will be one film or two.
@LATcelebs: Just spoke with Kristen. She's lovely. Wearing a mans gold watch and hoodie. several stories coming this week stay tuned ...
@paulfischer Just got kissed by Kristen Stewart at Runaways junket. And she did talk about twilight. More soon.
@kirk13: Kristen, Dakota, and Joan Jett (WHAAAAT?!??!) interviews in the books. Will be up tonight.
@AjMeadows no pics or vids of runaways roundtable. but you'll be able to listen to the interview sometime tomorrow. wearemoviegeeks.com
@womensweardaily Stewart=nervous ball of angst-y, intelligent energy. Fanning=calm, quiet and sweet.
@womensweardaily: Try as they might, journos at #Sundance couldn't extract news on 'Breaking Dawn' from Stewart. "No comment" she said

Skintimate Screening Series/Women in Film brunch


imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com imagebam.com

second set thanks to mayfrayn

@taryder: At a brunch and who walks in? Kstew of course. Dark jeans, black jacket
@taryder: At Gersh Brunch...wish I looked that good in the morning! I'm strugglingggg
@theawfultruth at brunch with kristen strwart....what a doll
@theawfultruth kinda wanna let her be....lets let the poor girl eat in peace! will be seeing her later
@heypopsugar: Kristen is grabbing brunch. Looks pretty, casual of course in black hoodie
@JaredEng: Leftovers from KStew's omelette that she washed down with a bloody mary.In signature hoodie & jeans! http://mypict.me/3aJiH
@JaredEng: Kstew was here 4 brunch at ridic huge mansion. Runaways premiere is tonight!

Leftovers from yesterday

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