In 'Sils Maria' Your assistant is played by Kristen Stewart, who is a huge star herself thanks to the "Twilight" movies.
Yes. And she works quite differently than I do. She can, for example, read her lines three times in the morning and then knows it perfectly in the afternoon. That is not how it work for me. I look at the texts well in advance and always come back to it. I do this so that it doesn't just stick to the surface.

Does Kristen Stewart work superficially?
Not at all. Just different. She may be only 24, but already has a lot of experience. The biggest difference: she was constantly communicating online with her friends.

Also in the Engadin?
Yes, she is so crowded by the outside world that she must isolate herself and create her own intimacy. I understand that. But it's not for me. I'm not on Facebook, not on Twitter.

And it should stay that way?
Kristen did say "come on, I'll show you". But no. Next year I play "Antigone" on a big theatrical tour. Since I'm rather on the road with my suitcase than with Facebook. I do use the Internet. I check what kind of people I will be working with.

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02 August 2014 @ 06:16 pm

Chris Weitz talks a bit about Kristen at his latest book signing.

Elle UK asked Jesse Eisenberg about Kristen.
'She's phenomenal. We have a wonderful working relationship - we treat things the same way & have the same taste.'

Jenny Lewis talks 'Just One of the Guys' and mentions Kristen with iHeartRadio @ Lollapalooza 2014
Starts at the 0:58 mark.

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