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Kristen Joins Tim Blake Nelson’s ‘Anesthesia’

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EXCLUSIVE: Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart has joined the ensemble cast of writer-director Tim Blake Nelson‘s Anesthesia in a small role. She’ll be shooting for a few days on the indie, about a group of New Yorkers whose lives are touched by the same philosophy professor. Pic is currently filming in NYC. Nelson’s last directorial effort was 2009′s Leaves Of Grass, which he also starred in and scripted.


According to a few sightings (here, here, here and here) and to a casting person for the project, Kristen is filming 'Anesthesia' this weekend in New York.

Information on the project:

Prod Weekly info about “ANESTHESIA” Feature Film 08-22-13

STATUS: November 3 LOCATION: New York
PRODUCER: Josh Hetzler - Christopher Scott WRITER/DIRECTOR: Tim Blake Nelson PM: Julie Buck

PLOT: A group of New Yorkers dealing with various stages of life and its attendant joys and tribulations are all touched in some way by beloved philosophy
professor Walter Zarrow. (November 3 – December 10)

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