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Stylist Tara Swennen talks Kristen and her fashion style

Tara Swennen has been Kristen Stewart's stylist since the actress appeared on the Into the Wild red carpet wearing Chanel in 2007. Since then, we've seen Stewart in everything from studded minis and many T-shirt-and-jean combos to the more recent floor-length gowns and sheer jumpsuits. Quite the evolution. For the Twilight finale, Swennen — who also styles Julie Bowen and Connie Britton — chose particularly dramatic looks, aiming to put Stewart in outfits that would reflect this "end of an era" for tween fans, starting with a butt-baring, nude Zuhair Murad number. "It took a lot of balls for her to wear that dress, so I'm super-proud of her," Swennen said of the controversial pick. Read ahead for the stylist's thoughts on red-carpet sneakers, Ghesquière's departure from Balenciaga, and where she thinks Stewart's style will evolve from here.

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