Lisa (verwuenscht) wrote in kstewartfans,

!mod post about posting graphics

Folks, kstewartfans has rules about posting graphics. Please stick to them!

Please post all your graphics to our weekly graphic entries.

You can post your graphics, if
  • you have at least 10 or more icons of Kristen

  • you have less than 10 icons of her but 3 other graphics (e.g. 1 header, 1 wallpaper and 1 banner) of Kristen

  • you have at least 3 banner/wallpaper/header of Kristen

Post teaser icon/banner to your comment:
  • This is a Kristen Stewart community. That means all of your teaser icons/banner have to have Kristen in them. No need to post teaser icons of Gossip Girl, Robert Pattinson or 90210!

  • Do not post more than three teaser icons/banner! Less is okay.

  • You can post three teaser icons and e.g. three wallpaper teaser in one entry

Your comment gets deleted if
  • you didn't stick to the rules

You can re-post your deleted comment if you
  • stick to the rules this time

  • stuck to the rules but the comment got deleted nonetheless

Don't get bitchy if someone deletes your comment. We give YOU the opportunity to promote your graphics!
Tags: !mod post, !official graphics post
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